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Innovative & Relevant Solutions for the Crisis of Stuff.

Crafted from reclaimed materials, this growing line of apparel and accessories aligns our passion for original design with a mounting concern for declining global resources.  LABEL leverages the world’s collective closet to deliver directional full-circle fashion.

From sorting factory to shop floor, Beyond Retro LABEL combines a softer environmental footprint with a serious style quotient. A fashion brand with the same appeal as our vintage selection; twice as nice and totally unique. Style anchored in the past with an eye towards the future. And a new story to tell. Beyond Retro LABEL. Clever clothes crafted from reclaimed fabrics.

A one-of-a-kind product calls for one-of-a-kind manufacturing. We own & operate our factory, in India. Why India? A large volume of the world’s used clothing is sorted there. Working at the source of the raw material, our full-time team can trial new prototypes and turnaround designs in record time. With a low-waste, low carbon footprint: call it mindful manufacturing for mother Earth.

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