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Our People 

Our team is part of the Beyond Retro Family. Because LABEL is made off-bolt, e.g. with existing clothing versus rolled bolts of fabric, we have established a close working dialogue to address the unique challenges that arise when we try to cut pattern pieces from trouser legs, or fringe trim from a former suede jacket. Led by Raw Material Manager Padmini and Master Tailor Laxman, our 85 full-time employees are paid fair market wages for normal working hours, in a safe and comfortable facility that is maintained with care. We skype daily, and visit in person multiple times per year to say hello, collaborate on our latest designs, and ensure both the people and the premises are in healthy working order.

Our Commitment 

Location matters, people matter, style matters. We like to be at the heart of the action with a project that makes a difference. Crafting clothes from clothes in a factory across the street from our sorting facility yields a clear reduction in carbon emissions, and a rare flexibility with materials that allows us to maintain a zero-waste policy: we can return any fabric that doesn’t pass the prototype phase, and all scraps are recycled back through the facility to be cut or shredded for use as industrial rags, fillers and more. This closes the loop: pretty neat, we think.

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