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As well as creating our own branded collection, we work with brands to create sustainable solutions within their businesses. That could be turning their waste and returns into exciting new products or creating custom recycled ranges exclusively for them.

Sustainability in the apparel, fashion and retail world is increasingly becoming more than a buzzword. For many brands, becoming more sustainable and participating in the circular economy is as much about brand development as it is about improving customer service and strengthening revenue.



Consider the following:

• Fashion waste solutions are an estimated $4.3B annual market, while second hand apparel, currently an $18B industry, is expected to be a $42.5B market by 2021.

• Extended producer responsibility is become increasingly important in today’s evolving retail environment.

• Circular solutions (a potential $4.5T economic output opportunity) offers a competitive advantage for first movers.

• Scale-able technological and chemistry-based solutions for the full chemical recycling of garments at their end-of-life are in their infancy, leaving re-manufacturing and up-cycling the most viable circular solutions to extend garment life cycles.

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